Experience FOREVERBED™by immersing yourself in total relaxation while you reconnect mind and spirit with the ultimate in comfort.  Built to the highest standards, FOREVERBED™ features a Lifetime Warranty.


All FOREVERBED™ mattresses are built with HydroPur silver fiber for clean, hypoallergenic sleep.  Every aspect of the construction of our mattresses has been upgraded over industry norms, including the use of Kevlar thread to sew everything together.


Not all pocketed coils are created equal.  FOREVERBED™ mattresses use electronically tempered coils for increased resilience and durability.

Renewal Hybrid | FOREVERBED™

  • Come experience the mattress that got it all started, the Renewal Hybrid.  This model has been the best selling mattress at Joplimo Mattress for several years.  The Renewal was created shortly before the hybrid term was coined, as the perfect marriage of a gel memory foam mattress with all of the benefits of an innerspring mattress.

    What is a hybrid mattress?  It depends on who you ask, but a hybrid mattress was originally a memory foam or latex mattress that used an innerspring in place of a foam core.  Believe it or not, but Memory foam mattresses are excellent for pressure relief, but are notorious for being hot and making people feel stuck in sinking foam.  By placing a pocketed coil innerpsring inside a memory foam mattress, both of these major issues were resolved.  


    The Renewal Hybrid features ultra supportive zoned nested pocketed coils, which provides for unrivaled support and resistance to body impressions.  Phase change memory foam is pressure relieving and keeps you at an ideal temperature throughout the night. The Renewal Hybrid also features a moisture wicking bamboo vicose cover.

    FOREVERBED™ mattresses feature a Lifetime Warranty.


    Foundation sold separately.