Experience FOREVERBED™ by immersing yourself in total relaxation while you reconnect mind and spirit with the ultimate in comfort.  Built to the highest standards, FOREVERBED™ features a Lifetime Warranty.


All Joplimo mattresses are built with HydroPur silver fiber for clean, hypoallergenic sleep.  Every aspect of the construction of our mattresses has been upgraded over industry norms, including the use of Kevlar thread to sew everything together.


Not all pocketed coils are created equal.  FOREVERBED™ mattresses use electronically tempered coils for increased resilience and durability.


  • The Balance by FOREVERBED™ is the ultimate in luxury sleep with a not too soft, not too hard comfort level.


    While the majority of mattresses are built with layers of polyurethane foam, FOREVERBED™ is built with none because polyurethane softens and compresses over time.  The Balance is instead built with thousands of tiny coils that contours your body for personalized comfort and support, while offering maximum durability.  


    It is not a secret that Talalay latex sets the bar for premium sleep, but it becomes next level for healthy sleep when anti-static graphite is added to it to repel airborne allergens.  The Balance features 2" of this cutting-edge graphite Talalay latex.  


    Wool is a very misunderstood material, earning a poor reputation for being hot.  In fact, wool is extremely breathable, making it warm in the cooler months, but cool in the warmer months.  Beyond providing exceptional thermal comfort, wool is allergy free, moisture resistant, and is naturally flame retardant.  FOREVERBED™ features only the best wool, Joma Wool, with cashmere for added comfort.   


    Those buttons aren't just for looks.  FOREVERBED™ mattresses are hand-tufted with soft buttons called rosettes, connected by woven ribbons that are channeled all the way through in at least ten equally spaced spots.  The ribbons hold all of the materials in each mattress in place so that anyone sharing a mattress won't roll together.  


    FOREVERBED™ mattresses feature a Lifetime Warranty.


    Foundation sold separately.