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Their Neighbor Mentioned the Need for New Mattresses

Three firetrucks and two ambulance will make a surprise visit to the adopted family’s home on the morning of December 9, 2017 at 9am.

Firemen, along with EMT professionals will arrive in uniform with the gifts!

The Liberty Fire Dept. adopted a family to gather items for the Community Christmas tree fund. The adopted family was provided by the City of Liberty,

Bryce Vaughn, with the Liberty Fire Dept was appointed to make the contact with the adopted family and gather their Christmas needs list, such as cleaning and food supplies, in addition to lists from the kids, including clothes, toys and shoes.

The city of Liberty allocates how families are nominated and qualified for the program. Every year the Liberty Fire Dept. has adopted 1-2 families in need each year. The Department raising money throughout the year. Recently, the Department raffled off a smoker to raise money toward the Christmas Tree fund.

The entire Liberty Fire Department consists of 3 fire stations in Liberty, approx 52 employees.

Vaughn initially experienced difficulty making contact with the family. The Mother of the single income family is often working and unreachable. Vaughn learned from the adopted family’s next door neighbor, that the family's home incurred water damage in the house and lost some mattresses.

“We start out asking do you need cleaning supplies - everyday grocery needs." says Vaughn, "Their neighbor across the street mentioned they need new new mattresses ,” Vaughn continues “when I found out they needed mattresses, we try to keep all our shopping local in City of Liberty and we went to Joplimo Mattress because we provide for the families from our local merchants.”

Joplimo Mattress also teamed up with the Liberty Fire Department to offer the mattresses as a donation.

The entire Liberty Fire Department has been involved with coordinating, shopping, donations and delivery. This financial and time commitment is a way to giveback this season!

When Vaughn shared the news with the Mother of the adopted family, she was completely surprised and had no idea they had been nominated for the program. The family will receive basic grocery needs, mattresses and the kids will receive clothes, shoes and toys.

“It is a privilege to help and support our local families in need” comments August Dugan,

Store Manager of the Joplimo Mattress, Liberty, MO location.

Joplimo Mattress was established to be an Agent of Change in honor of the owners brother who benefited from the services of various counseling facilities during his struggle with bipolar disorder.

"Quality and word of mouth does all the advertising needed for Joplimo Mattress", says Brian Croft. Prices on queen size mattress sets start as low as $300 and scale up to a sophisticated luxury line, FOREVERBED, starting at $3000.

"Our customers truly appreciate a product that is not only made in the USA, but made

right here local in the Ozarks" adds Brian Croft, owner.

A local Joplimo Mattress is located in Liberty, MO. 121 S. Stewart Ave.

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