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Love Waking Up With Your Pillow

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Love waking up with a pillow, fit for proper spinal health. One-third of your day is comforted by a mattress and pillow. A delicate web of nerves extend from the spinal vertebrae and those nerves reach out and affect our comfort. Sleep can be disturbed by headaches, shoulder numbness, neck pain, arm numbness and your entire day can be jeopardized by incorrect sleep posture. Your night requires proper spinal posture for you to love waking up. Your pillow could be too thick or too thin for your shoulder height and the way you are being supported by your mattress.

We guarantee your comfort with our easy and informational fitting process. Your sleep posture depends on many factors, our Sleep Consultants can help you easily assess. Simple questions such as, "What type of sleeper are you? Do you sleep on your side, sleep on your back, sleep on your stomach?" Or, maybe you are like the majority of sleepers and you sleep all over your bed, tossing and turning!

Simple sleep questions will help you pick out your perfect comfort. See some of our pillows online. #JoplimoMattress #HandcraftedSleep #LifetimeComfortGuarantee #LifetimeWarranty #MadeintheOzarks #PillowFit #SpineHealth

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