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Tornado in Carl Junction, May 22, 2019

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Joplimo Mattress donates mattresses to survivors of tornado.
Lauren and Gatlin Jones and family of Carl Junction, MO

Gatlin and Lauren Jones, along with 3 children had moved into their home only 2 weeks prior to the May 22, 2019 tornado in Carl Junction, MO. "We should have had renters' insurance, but it was just one of those things we had not yet taken care of", states Lauren following the disaster. They had put their boys in bed and the Jones' were listening to Meteorologist Doug Heady Live. Lauren felt a sense of need to be prepared for a tornado and is unsure why that feeling caused her to take action she had never taken before. She began gathering baseball helmets, blankets and a mattress, placing them in an underground section of the home. The Jones heard Doug Heady announce the threat was over, then soon following, a separate announcement that a shift of weather occurred and it was time to take cover. The Jones' carried their boys and 4 month old baby to the underground section of the home. "All of the sudden we heard horrible noises, then we heard a car alarm and knew it must be safe to come out of the room," states Lauren. Together they exited the basement and saw "the entire upstairs portion of the home gone," states Lauren; "My husband immediately walked over to check on the neighbors home, which was also gone." Not only did the Jones lose their home and belongings, but also their 3 vehicles were under the rubbish and destroyed. "We were speechless. We immediately received texts and replied "Got hit, but we are good". Friends and family began to arrive at their destryed home. The American Red Cross found shelter for them at LaQuinta Inn in Joplin for a week.

Some of their belongings and furniture were able to be saved due to a friend arriving pulling a trailer. They were able to move their belongings from all the rain and into the shelter of a trailer. "The mattresses were too wet to save", states Lauren.

The day following the tornado, another tragedy occurred. Lauren was driving her grandmothers car and was involved in a head on collision. "We haven't had the best of luck, except for all the support of family, friends and the community". A friend started a Go Fund Me page. A deposit for their new home and deductibles on their vehicles able to be saved with the assistance of donations. "We are moving into our new home next week and receiving a donation and delivery of a king mattress and 3 twin mattresses from Joplimo Mattress!".

Following the tornado, Joplimo Mattress was seeking ways to help those in need. Joplimo Mattress placed a post on social media to ask that the community help them find those in need. After working with the American Red Cross, Catholic Charities of Southwest Missouri, the United Way and the help of the community, Joplimo Mattress has been able to assist the victims of the tornadoes that spanned Missouri on May 22 and May 23, 2019.

Sleep is a need everyone has. The emotional, physical and mental benefit that occurs while sleeping is important. What happens when an individual is not able to sleep because a bed is not available? Brian Croft, Owner and Operator of Joplimo Mattress can relate to the issue of a bed not being available. “This company is a personal mission in memory of my brother, giving a percentage of proceeds to local charities.” Growing up, Croft's brother dealt with bi- polar which produced a need for overnight counseling. Such facilities were not always available for Croft's brother because a bed was not open. Since then, Croft has made the art of crafting the best night’s sleep, his mission. "Our customers truly appreciate a product that is not only made in the USA, but made right here local, in Joplin, Missouri" adds Brian Croft, owner of Joplimo Mattress and Croft Bedding. The company was founded in 2009 by Brian Croft and has expanded to 10 locations throughout Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas.

Croft adds, “mattresses are not meant to be disposable products.” With the factory local, quality is controlled and a true handcrafted mattress is possible. Comfort needs may change over time and owning a Joplimo Mattress means you don't have to send it to a landfill, it can be refreshed and the comfort changed to fit your new comfort need. For more information, please visit

“It is a privilege to help and support Carl Junction” comments Jacob Smith, Store Manager of the Joplin, MO location. Joplimo Mattress was established to be an Agent of Change in honor of Croft’s brother who benefited from the services of various counseling facilities during his struggle with bipolar disorder. Our mission is to positively affect those facing overwhelming challenges. This is why the dragonfly is the heart of our logo.

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