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Love Waking Up On Valentines Day 2020

Imagine, your Valentine in a new, fresh mattress. Tailor fitting a mattress to your unique comfort, is our specialty, at Joplimo Mattress. Your spinal alignment is the most important consideration when choosing your new mattress. Our Sleep Team provides expert solutions, tailor fit to your best sleep.

Mattress shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many choices, brands, comfort options and technology. What products can be trusted to make the difference they claim? So, at Joplimo Mattress we are committed to taking a different approach to discovering better sleep. You are unique and so is your place that you go to relax and unwind from the day to recharge for the next day. We are here to be the solution you have been looking for. We are passionate about the art of good sleep. Our mattresses are proudly handmade with intentional, high performance materials sourced local, then individually crafted by artisans here in the Ozarks. We favor quality over quantity to increase our company’s reputation and product loyalty which is why our flagship model is properly tagged, Foreverbed. While mass producing a mattress may be less expensive and less time consuming, we will not be known for shoddy construction and promise the gift of outstanding sleep. Our experienced Sleep Consultants will ask you the right questions to tailor lasting comfort, guaranteed. We understand life happens and comfort needs change over the years, which is why we welcome comfort modifications, complimentary throughout the warranty period. Sleep is too important to not own the exact mattress for your specific needs. We are…Crafted Local, Lifetime Comfort and Tailor fit to YOU!

Joplimo Mattress opened its first store in Joplin, MO in 2009. Joplimo Mattress has grown to 10 stores with locations in AR, MO and KS. Brian Croft, Owner and Engineer by trade, is a master at handcrafting the perfect mattress tailor fit to match your unique comfort and support. With over 25 options in our thoughtfully crafted and designed mattress line, we pair you with a bed that will feel custom made, special for you (and your partner). Our mattress options span from starting at a low cost bed solution up to the most sophisticated quality found in prestigious homes. Our small batch mattresses are crafted local, where we control the quality in each bed and cut out excess costs found in advertising and the overhead of name brand products. We are passionate about quality and advanced technology sleep solutions; you will find each step of the process to pair you with the perfect mattress to be stress free. We strive to provide outstanding customer service during your shopping experience but also throughout the lifetime comfort your mattress will bring. We are unique, just like you! We provide lifetime warranties and understand life happens and comfort needs change over the years. We welcome free comfort modifications where the firmness of your mattress is re-worked in our factory, complimentary throughout the warranty period. (see details) Sleep is too important to not own the exact mattress for your specific needs. You will never be stuck in a bed you don't love. #abedforlife

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