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Handcrafting SLEEP

417 Biz Magazine covered our story of handcrafting mattresses and building our business. Read the article here.

Joplimo Mattress was formed in 2009 as a solution to an industry idea. The industry idea was that consumers should buy more beds. If consumers buy beds, more often, then the BIG BED INDUSTRY grows more profit. So the industry idea formed a plan for consumers to replace their mattress every 7-8 years. If consumers replace their bed more often, then BIG BED INDUSTRY grows their profit, right?

Did the appliance industry also form the same idea? We remember our parents' refrigerator lasting much longer than the refrigerator we just replaced within less than 7 years.

Joplimo Mattress builds beds for life. #abedforlife There is no need to build low quality beds contributing to the growing landfill concern of cheap beds. We handcraft mattresses, built to last.  Your sleep trial never ends with our lifetime comfort guarantee.  We will adjust the comfort of your mattress as a complimentary service, so that you never have to replace your Joplimo Mattress. We pour our profits into quality products and build mattresses with all the "extras", such as AlphaSan which is an ani microbial to keep your bed fresh! We provide lasting customer service so that you are happy and shop with us again for your guest bed, kids' bed and any bed built to fit your boat, RV or second home.  Landfills are a growing concern due to all the cheap mattresses that everyone else is getting poor sleep from.  Love waking up and rest assured, your bed was built to last.

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