We all but eliminate the chance you'll not be satisfied with your new mattress the way we approach our business.  So, if you aren't completely happy with your new mattress, we can take it back at the factory to  be adjusted firmer or softer at zero cost to you outside of transportation.  The first adjustment is free and any additional adjustments are available for a small cost.

1. It takes a little time for your body to get used to a new mattress, so it is natural to feel a little sore for the first few weeks.

2. Too soft?  Check your bed frame to see if there is a center support leg.

3. Too hard?  Your sheets or mattress protector might be too small.  Try your mattress for a couple nights without them.  A deeper set of sheets or protector could help.

4. All around uncomfortable?  Your alignment is off and could be corrected with the right pillow.  Proper neck support is very important and the wrong type of pillow could certainly impact your overall comfort.

If you'd like to have your mattress adjusted, please visit your nearby Joplimo Mattress location.


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